A few pictures of Bert's Life

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bf3wks.jpg (22277 bytes) Bert at 3 weeks with his mother
Bert and Steve Bert and his brother Steve as children, perhaps on the shores of Lake Michigan
Bert and Steve  Bert and Steve with workmen installing new steam heat pipes on the Northwestern campus


bf10.jpg (38287 bytes) Grade school
bball.jpg (54523 bytes) Grade school
The athlete  High school


hsgrad.jpg (85300 bytes)

 High school graduation, 1925


College Graduation, 1929  College graduation, 1929


1940.jpg (27725 bytes) 1940 with Mary, Phil and Tom
canada.jpg (17927 bytes) In Canada with Phil, Tom and Ken
Bert and Pat's wedding

 Bert and Pat at their wedding in 1951. Lobo, the canoe was her wedding present to him.


fishing.jpg (95395 bytes) The fisherman
About 1950   1950ish


The professor

 The professor


The bugler  The bugler


woodpile.jpg (38421 bytes)



Bert in his office  1984





garden.jpg (57356 bytes) The gardener
bandconnor.jpg (183187 bytes)  With newborn grandson Connor Bow


1998.jpg (139970 bytes)



1999  1999


drew.jpg (59564 bytes) February 26, 2000 - celebrating Bert's 92nd birthday and Drew Bow's 2nd.

Tributes by family and friends  


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