Summer 2000 - travels to Maine and our road trip through Canada.

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Bert's farewell

Foxes at play

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Lobster dinner for 20!
The lowers at Wonderland
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Marty and MumPat
The genealogist never quits!
Bongo board anyone?

Ann and Marty's Road Trip

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View from motel in Southwest Harbor - the beginning of the fog!
Schoodic Point
Marty at Schoodic Point
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Quoddy Head - the eastern-most place in the US.
Cape Breton really does look like Big Sur. We got a little break from the fog The guide on this trip fed fish to bald eagles off the back of the boat!
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Those shorebirds are out there somewhere!
The Bay of Fundy is incredible! A sunny day for a change! The miner's memorial in Springhill, Nova Scotia - I've been singing the ballad for decades - I had to go!
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The end of the world - PercÚ, Quebec
PercÚ rock and L'Isle de Bonaventure
L'Isle de Bonaventure - those white spots are all gannets and black-legged kittiwakes
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Over 70,000 gannets nest on top of this island
For the birds!
The island is like a tropical rainforest!
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Goldenrod and fire weed in the fog Back into the fog at the eastern end of the St. Lawrence Finally - sun again at the top of the St. Lawrence
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Marty at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
Birding to the end
The comforts of home at last - 2 weeks and 5,000 miles later!

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