Spring 2005 - Ohio and New Jersey

May means spring migration and this year we have celebrated that event with wonderful trips to Magee Marsh and Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Ohio and then a week of birding in Cape May, NJ. These are a few images from our wanderings.

Flowers in our garden set the mood for spring.
Azalea (left), crabapple (above)
That guy who keeps following me...
Prothonotory warbler, CVNP
Blue gray gnatcatcher on the nest, CVNP
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Preening semipalmated sandpiper, Sandy Ridge
A conclave of killdeer, Sandy Ridge
Eastern kingbird taking flight, Sandy Ridge
Bluebells at Bacon Woods
Great Blue Heron, Magee Marsh
Black throated green warbler, Magee Marsh
These next few birds were brought by a wildlife rehabilitator, all too injured to be released. It was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but they are stunning animals and I like the pictures. Go to www.backtothewild.org for more information about the birds and the program - and hopefully to help.
Bald Eagle, blinded by West Nile Virus
Barn Owl
Barred Owl
Peregrine Falcon
Red shouldered hawk
Great Horned owl
We stopped to see Joan and Dan and the boys on our way east, then kidnapped Joan for most of a day to do some cemetery walking.
I'm not sure this is the best way to "meet" our grandfather, but we did find him!
Cape May is known as a migrant trap most of the year, but one of the big spectacles is the annual gathering of shorebirds on the shores of Delaware Bay to feast on horseshoe crab eggs. There are far fewer crabs (and birds) these days due to overharvesting of the crabs, but there is hope that they will rebound.
A small gathering of birds on the beach.
Horseshoe crabs mating and laying eggs
Sanderlings and ruddy turnstones landing
Hungry laughing gulls
A red knot and ruddy turnstones
More arrivals
And a life bird in the middle of the chaos - a Eurasian vagrant called a Ruff.
Nesting common terns
Another life bird - and another Eurasian vagrant, a curlew sandpiper
Part of our group - Marty on the left, Pete Dunne on the right
Clapper rails vanishing into the marsh
Common tern
Courting laughing gulls
Short billed dowitchers
Osprey on a nest
American oystercatcher
A sanderling on the beach
A black skimmer
Snowy egret fishing
The Cape May lighthouse

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