Photographs from the weekend of MumPat's memorial, January 2003

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Cousins, back from playing in the snow Ken cleaning out cupboards Phil, Marty and Peter
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A break from cleaning. Drew and Kaela watching TV Joan, Ken and Dan working on the picture boards
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Connor, Jenner, Katie and Drew Susan, Ken, Brian and Elizabeth Phil, Tom and Jane
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Adair, Joan and Peter Adair and Tom Nicky Noyes, Abby Noyes Colatello and Ann
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A few quiet minutes for the family to celebrate her life at one of the places she loved, the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, MA.
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A dinner celebration of MumPat's life with family and friends
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Joan, cousin Jennifer Fox, Susan and Phil The family gathers for a quiet dinner Cousins
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Joan with Midge Jackson and Abby Noyes Colatello Ken, Kitty Mead, Joan and Midge Jackson Janet Moore, Marty, Jennifer Fox and Mary Aylward

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