Peter's 50th Birthday Party, April 2003, California

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The birthday boy with the newest Fox

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The Bows at lunch at Duartes in Pescadero

Brian and Susan

Phil and Shelley

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Tom, Brian and the boys

Owen, Brian, Connor, Jenner and Drew

Brian, Drew, Owen, Shelley and Joan

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Adair and Owen at San Gregorio Beach

Foxes at the beach

Cousins at play

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Susan, Peter and Marty

The birthday dinner

The cake - with the whale!

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Reading the birthday book

New Fox shirts for everyone

More stories

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The Foxes show up to watch soccer

Joan and Dan

Foxes on the sidelines

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The coach

Doing a fantastic job of telling the kids what they have been doing right!

Connor, Owen and Drew

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The chief cheerleader for his sister's game!

Elizabeth and Owen

The cheerleading squad

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The photographer at work on family portraits

Phil tries to get a laugh

Checking out the results

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The Bows

Susan, Peter, Kaela, Jenner


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Shelley, Adair, Owen and Tom

Peter, Brian and Phil

Drew, Katie and Jenner

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Tom and Owen

Owen on the move

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Kaela and Susan

The bunny hop! Happy Easter

A cousin sandwich

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The uppers at rest

Pedicure time

Shelley, Julia and Susan

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All the Foxes


Last edited July 19, 2007