Ann & Marty's Florida Trip - Christmas 2003

Well, we said we wanted a totally different Christmas this year and we got it!

After two days of driving, we spent the first day in Florida visiting birding sites down the coast.



 Redish Egrets

A raft of coots at Merritt Island NWR

An Osprey with a fish

Redish egrets dancing for supper

Ibis Little Blue Heron Egrets

White Ibis in the mangroves

A white phase little blue herron (with a glossy ibis in the back)

Great egrets at Merritt Island

Vultures Pintail Pelicans

Black vultures at the visitor's center at Merritt Island

A flock of northern pintail ducks

White pelicans

Spoonbill Yellowlegs Ibis

A flock of white ibis with a roseate spoonbill in the lead

Wakodahatchie - greater yellowlegs with green winged teal

More white ibis

Great egret Lockahatchie Lockahatchie

A great egret

The flock comes in to roost at Lockahatchie NWR

Sunset at Lockahatchie

After another day of wandering down the Keys, we reached our destination - Key West!

View Marty Train

The view from our hotel room in Key West

Marty at the hotel

Tourist central in Key West

Tree roots Little White House Little White House

Tree roots on a downtown street

The little White House - it looks like Truman just stepped out...

A better view of the front

Audubon's House Garden Garden

Garden Garden

Hemmingway House

The house where Audubon stayed when he came to the Keys to paint birds

Some goodies from the Audubon and Hemmingway gardens

The Hemmingway house, complete with one of the chickens that run wild all over Key West

More cats Cat Paws

A couple of the Hemmingway cats - working hard entertaining the tourists

Oblivious to all the tourists!

This is two paws...

We took a sunset cruise from our hotel to Key West harbor.

Cormorants Terns Harbor

Cormorants on a wreck

Royal terns

Key West harbor at sunset - the big crowd is on the wharf in front of the cruise ship

Sunset Sunset Sunset cruise

The sailboat America in a mock battle with another sailboat

The show

Ann & Marty with Key West in the background

Christmas Day - a boat trip to the Dry Tortugas

Fort Jefferson Frigate Birds Tortugas

Fort Jefferson

A flock of magnificent frigatebirds above Fort Jefferson

Beautiful beaches

Terns Pilings Skimmers

Royal terns

Terns & pelicans

Terns & skimmers

Pelicans Pelicans Dock

Pelicans in the bay

The flock of pelicans lead us around the island

The main dock with a flock behind

Edited July 19, 2007